Story of My Dub

Lips to Tail

>> Grew Up In "the Family"


Back in 80's, when I ride on the passenger seat, my dad's 1974 Lemon Bug.

The only thing I remembered was super-wide 13" red rims and two extinguishers inside.

My heart broke into pieces when he traded it to an air cond equipped Lancer.


In late 90's I finally found a new mate when my mom drove home a 1969 Blue Beetle,

this time I ride it myself, and took her with me 200 miles away from haters.

After all serviced done by mechanics, replacing coil, alternator, and starter.. the only problem left is the brake - whenever I drove it around an hour,

it won't move at all, the brake stuck.

I had to pouring water to release it - might not a good idea, but that's all I knew. after sitting for a long time, my mom decided to sell it Cry .


Jump to 2001, I enjoyed driving my dad's 1992 Caravelle - Eurovan in U.S. Except for the gas wise, I never missed driving it. I customized the interior with LCD and fridge, but then he sell it - Yell 

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